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Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrating Two Years Of Marriage

Today the hubby and I celebrate two years of marriage! It's been a crazy roller coaster ride, but all the ups and downs have just added to the thrill.

We went out for a special lunch on Sunday at the beautiful Juniper's Restaurant at The Wildflower Inn. The food was delicious, the view was gorgeous, and the company couldn't have been better.

As I think back over the last two years a few things stand out:

  • We began our journey to debt-free living, and have so far paid off over $25,000 in debt.
  • We got to be on the Katie Couric Show and meet Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze and win $594 in the money booth!
  • We have gone on vacation to Boston, and Old Orchard Beach in Maine.
  • We've had a blast creating three music videos, all of which Jake wrote the lyrics for.
  • We've completed lots of home improvement projects together.
  • We recently came to the decision to sell our great big beautiful home.
  • We are still excited about all that we have to look forward to in our future, including hopefully transforming our imaginary kiddos into real kiddos, adopting some more kiddos, moving closer to our church and Jake's family and growing old together.

If you were to ask Jake (and I just did) he would say that our second year of marriage has been marked by events smaller than our first year, but more significant. Where are first year was a bit of a struggle as two extremely independent people learned how to share their lives, our second year saw us both learning how to relate to each other better while growing emotionally and spiritually. Our first year was tough. Our second year was much improved.

We've made it a tradition to return to the Ivy Chapel in our hometown of Bethlehem, NH, and re-take a photo from our wedding day every year on our anniversary.

Celebrating Two Years Of Marriage Ivy Chapel
Our Wedding Day 2012

Celebrating Two Years of Marriage Ivy Chapel Bethlehem, NH
First Anniversary 2013

Celebrating Two Years Of Marriage Ivy Chapel Bethlehem, NH
Second Anniversary 2014

And Lord willing we will have about 50 more of these photos someday!

Keep pinchin' :-)

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