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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Look Inside Christian Healthcare Ministries... Sarcasm Included!

We took the plunge into healthcare sharing
Howdy world! If you're just tuning in, the wife and I have signed up for a Christian healthcare sharing organization as an alternative to Obamacare. (Click here to read why.) It's been a complicated solution to figure out because, essentially, we have had to learn all of this insurance mumbo-jumbo ourselves.

So we signed up with Christian Healthcare Ministries a couple weeks ago (click here to read about that if you're curious) and yesterday we received our welcome package—or as I've come to call it, "The Book of Forms." The 34-page member brochure introduced us to Dr. Michael D. Jacobson, who has served as medical consultant for CHM since 1995. He's apparently the go-to guy if you've got medical questions.

To contact him, fill out the enclosed form.

We were also made aware of one member's health concerns—a man named Mark, from Ohio, who is trying to get his blood pressure under control. Members can send notes of encouragement and pray for Mark.

To send him a card, fill out the enclosed form.

One thing I forgot to sign up for when I enrolled is the Brother's Keeper program, a separate fund to safeguard members from medical bills exceeding $125,000 caused by catastrophic illness or injuries. It's a quarterly gift of $25—in addition to your monthly portion—as well as an annual $40 administration fee. I'm thinking the wife and I will sign up for this, so I guess... oh! How convenient...

...they've included a form for that, too!

There's a page explaining that if we can sucker anyone else into joining, we'll get one month of membership for free. Any takers? All you have to do is...

...fill out the enclosed form.

There's information on what to do if you need medical care—along with an enclosed form—as well as a list of forms to fill out:

  • The Checklist of Understanding Form
    I understand that my participation is voluntary... I understand the guidelines... I understand the risk... I understand that this is not insurance.... Check. Check. Check. Check.

  • CheckEase Direct Giving Enrollment Form
    To save me the agony of having to write a check every month, I can have my money sent to them automatically.

  • Authorization for Disclosure or Use of Protected Health Information Form
    Uh-huh. Got it.

All kidding and sarcasm aside—actually, scratch that, I won't renege my sarcasm. This whole process is an annoyance. Not that I'm not grateful for ministries like CHM, or Samaritan Ministries, or MediShare, but the convoluted politics that have necessitated this lifestyle change make it a circumstance that I resent. So...

Deep calming breath. Relax. Breeeeeath.

Smiley face :-)

Honestly, CHM's Book of Forms isn't so bad. I'm just clinging to the amusement caused by all the forms as a means of easing my suffering.

The good news is that our total monthly membership fee—for both Dani and I—is less than $300. Under Obamacare, even with assistance, it would cost about that much for just ONE of us.

So, despite all my frustrations and my naturally pessimistic personality, I consider myself blessed to now be a part of a healthcare sharing ministry like CHM. I even look forward to praying for other members like Mark and encouraging them through their difficulties.

"And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near."

—Hebrews 10:25

Keep pinchin' :-)

If you found this information helpful, and choose to use Christian Healthcare Ministries, would you consider signing up under us, as a thank you for all our research? You can use this link to do that Christian Healthcare Ministries.


  1. How is it going? We are wanting to join :)

    1. Elisa, we have been very pleased with our experience thus far with CHM. Being part of a Christian Healthcare Sharing program helps keep the insurance costs down, and the faith-based aspect of it creates a deeper dependence on God. We wouldn't have it any other way :)

  2. So it's been over a year since you signed up! How's it going? Researching between SM and CHC. What are your views now?

    1. We are still happy to have joined CHM, knowing that our monthly share goes directly to helping other believers with their medical costs. As of this moment we have not had to publish a need yet, though that will be changing as Dani is pregnant with our first child. We expect no issues with publishing needs, and any time we have called with a question they have been very helpful. Dani's older sister also joined shortly after we did and is pregnant with her first since joining, and has had no issue with getting the money to pay for her medical bills. Maybe we will make a post once we actually publish a need :-)