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Monday, November 9, 2015

Life With Christian Healthcare Sharing - The Fears, The Blessings

Life with Christian Healthcare Sharing
Since Danielle and I decided to become members of a Christian healthcare sharing organization we've gotten tons of questions from people who read our post "A Look At The Three Big Christian Healthcare Sharing Options." People want to know what it's been like, how it works, and even does it work.

So here's what our experience has been like so far.

But first, a quick recap.

Danielle and I decided we didn't want any part of the government's version of affordable healthcare. It's cost is astronomical, it's unethical, it's unnecessarily complicated, and it forces us to pay for medical procedures that we don't agree are biblical. Thanks to some provisions in the law, organizations like Christian Healthcare Ministries, Medi-Share, and Samaritan Ministries can legally provide health coverage to Christians without having to pay the penalty for not having Obamacare. It's perfectly legal. It works. And it's a monumental blessing.

Though, admittedly, it's a bit scary at first.

We took some time to look into the big three Christian healthcare sharing options—Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), Medi-Share, and Samaritan Ministries. All three have different strengths that will satisfy the needs of their individual members, but CHM seemed to suit our needs the best.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

CHM is actually the oldest of the big three, having been around since 1984. This gave us an element of trust that this organization, having proven itself sustainable, could help us meet our medical needs. They are a nonprofit health cost sharing ministry through which Christians help other Christians with their medical expenses.

How it works is pretty simple: when you have a medical need you go to the doctor. At some point, someone at the hospital will ask you about insurance. You say, "I have insurance, but you just treat me as a self-pay patient." They nod and go, "Oh, ok. Sure. No problem." A couple weeks later you'll get a bill and a letter saying that as far as the hospital is concerned you are responsible to cover the cost. You submit that bill to CHM. CHM members submit their monthly portion and your medical needs are covered. That's it in a nutshell anyway.

We're Pregnant. Yay! ... I Mean, "Gulp!"

Back at the beginning of October Danielle told me that we were expecting. We couldn't be more excited! So far everything has gone pretty smoothly—doctor's visits, getting bills, submitting them to CHM. There's been a bit of a learning curve because we are basically in charge of our healthcare needs. There are some forms to fill out and some steps to go through, but the folks at CHM have been more than helpful every step of the way.

Even though we decided to become members of CHM, we're not knocking Medi-Share or Samaritan Ministries. All three are great programs that have different benefits. We chose CHM based on our medical needs, which are few. We encourage people to get some literature from each sharing organization, and even call them to ask questions to find out which one is right for you.

In short, things are going well with CHM. We plan to continue using them and highly recommend them.

It can definitely stretch your nerves joining up with a healthcare sharing organization like CHM. It requires a step of faith, for sure, because the ministry relies on the support of God's people, and their support is dependent on God's provision. But His Word says that He is faithful. And He is! We've found that as we step out in faith with CHM, God rewards that faith. It's a tremendous blessing!

If you found this information to be helpful, and choose to use Christian Healthcare Ministries, would you consider signing up under us as a thank you for all our research? You can use this link to do that: Christian Healthcare Ministries. Thanks!

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