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About Jake 'n' Danielle

The Reader's Digest Version
Jake 'n' Dani

Jake 'n' Danielle are just two crazy kids enjoying life and each other as much as they can. Penny Pinching Prose is a blog about their journey to debt-free living mixed with a cup of humor, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkling of faith.

The Slightly Longer Version

Danielle is an extreme saver. Jake is an extreme spender. After about three months marriage, Jake and Danielle realized that if they didn't get help with their finances their marriage was going to develop major problems. They signed up for Financial Peace University, a money-management program by financial guru Dave Ramsey, that was being offered at their church. The class proved to be a tremendous help to their financial situation, but more than that it helped their marriage, because as Jake and Danielle found a unified vision for their finances they found a deeper unity in marriage.

For Anyone Still Reading

Danielle works in the field of adult mental health. She also baby sits and sells various crocheted goods. She enjoys arts and crafts, Pinteresting, homemaking, kids, and ice cream.

Jake is a graphic artist, photographer, illustrator, writer, and purveyor of fine movies. He enjoys art, cookies, superheroes, spending money that he should be saving, and Danielle. You can learn about Jake's creative work—including his books, photography, and illustrating—at

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