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It was inevitable. The tidal wave of "Let It Go" parodies comes to Penny Pinching Prose!

We had so much fun making our last rap video that we decided to do another! This time we're making light of the perpetually flooded basement of our 150-year-old house. It's "Drowning in the Basement."

What started out as a silly "date night," turned into a two-week project for our Financial Peace University class one-year reunion. Our "Penny Pinching Rap" caught the attention of national television talk show host Katie Couric, who invited us onto her show along with money-saving gurus Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze to talk about good money management.

The full segment of our appearance on Katie Couric. Money-saving gurus Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze kick-off the segment by talking about some money management tips. We come one next with our "ode to Dave"—"The Penny Pinching Rap"—followed by the Money Myth Busters game.

A portion of our appearance on the Katie Couric show. Katie talks about "The Penny Pinching Rap" video and then interviews us about Dave Ramsey's money-saving program and how it helped us.

The Money Myth Busters game, from our appearance on the Katie Couric show. Every question we got right earned us 10 seconds in the money booth, where Danielle nabbed $594!

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