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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Of My Greatest Money Saving Tips

I try not to go shopping unless I have a plan. Some days I can go into a store and not purchase anything, just enjoy the "window shopping" experience, but there are other times, times when I go in without a plan, that I end up purchasing things I either don't need or don't have in the budget.

Here's what I mean by "shopping plan":

Stay on budget when you shopping with a plan!

Whenever I go on a shopping trip and stick to this plan I'm usually quite successful and don't leave the store with that guilty feeling of going over budget. I not only enjoy the trip a lot more, but I enjoy the items I purchased even more. Going shopping with a budget plan is also motivation to hunt down good deals and maybe even have a little money left over to purchase a few "wants" :-)

Do you have a plan when you go shopping? Is there something you do that isn't on my list? Please share!

Keep pinchin' ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Listing down all the items you need to buy before going to the grocery store is definitely a good idea. Not only does it make your shopping trip faster and more convenient, but it lets you estimate your budget as well. At the very least, it keeps you from buying stuff on impulse. All the best!

    Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies