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Monday, February 17, 2014

My Greatest Partner In This Crazy Journey To Debt-Free Living

Sorry, but penny pinching sometimes really sucks. It can wear you down at times and be really discouraging, which is why it's so key to have a partner who is with you in the battle.

I'll admit, I wasn't on board with this whole "Dave Ramsey plan" thing at first. It took about three months for me to see that, A) the plan works, B) I can trust Dave Ramsey, and C) this is a really smart way to live because even though it hurts now in a few years we're going to be leagues ahead of other people our age.

Up until that realization, however, I'm sure my attitude toward savings was really hard on my wife. In fact, I know it was. But after much communication with each other, and much prayer to our Heavenly Father, our vision for our financial goals was both unified and solidified. Now that we're together on this, it makes it all much, much easier—when she's feeling the pressure of massive oil bills or expenses, I'm there to remind her that, in the long, this is just a minor setback and we'll be OK. When I'm feeling down because we don't have a lot of money to eat out or go to the movies, my wife is there to spoil me in other ways and remind me that this isn't forever.

Having conversations with your spouse about money—be it savings, spending, general management or whatnot—is never easy, but it is so, so, so essential to your success in developing and maintaining a good budget.

We're interested in hearing what sorts of difficulties other couples have faced in this area. When you get feeling down about your financial circumstances, do you give up and give in, or does your spouse come alongside you to help you pick your chin up? Maybe your spouse needs a "chin up" moment right now. What could you do to lift their spirits?

Keep pinchin' :-)

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